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This distributed forensics thing is going to change Digital Forensics and Incident Response – GRR DFIR

Distributed forensics and incident response in the enterprise


Remote live forensics has recently been increasingly used in order to facilitate rapid remote access to enterprise machines. We present the GRR Rapid Response Framework (GRR), a new multi-platform, open source tool for enterprise forensic investigations enabling remote raw disk and memory access. GRR is designed to be scalable, opening the door for continuous enterprise wide forensic analysis. This paper describes the architecture used by GRR and illustrates how it is used routinely to expedite enterprise forensic investigations.


Installing GRR

To install GRR you’ll need to set up a server, which runs the front-end HTTP server, enroller, workers and administration UI.

For this proof-of-concept they are installed on a single server, but a more scalable approach would be to run them on individual servers.

Installing the GRR server

To install the GRR server see ServerInstall

Installing the GRR clients

The GRR clients are best deployed as stand alone pre-packaged binaries. These are dependent on the Operating System of the client system

To create a GRR Windows client binary see BuildingWindowsClient

To create a GRR MacOs-X client binary see BuildingOSXClient

The Linux client currently is not provided as a binary, but instructions on how to run a test/development version are included in the server installation documentation.

Screenshot from 2013-11-18 18-36-46 Screenshot from 2013-11-18 18-36-13

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