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Using pandas to report on apache web logs

So I got this new book:

Step 1 – Start with this Forensic Challenge dataset:

Step 2 – Build program without pandas:

#! /usr/bin/python
This program takes in a apache www-media.log and provides basic report
for collections import Counters
ipAddressList = []
methodList = []
requestedList = []
referalList = []
mylist = []
data = open(‘www-media.log’).readlines()
for line in data:
count_ip = Counter(ipAddressList)
count_requested = Counter(requestedList)
count_method = Counter(methodList)
count_referal = Counter(referalList)

Step 3 – Build program with pandas … code is very simple and easy once you figure out how the DataFrame works

import pandas
data = open(‘www-media.log’).readlines()
frame = pandas.DataFrame([x.split() for x in data])
countIP = frame[0].value_counts()
countRequested = frame[6].value_counts()
countReferal = frame[10].value_counts()
print countIP
print countRequested
print countReferal

Step 4 – Enjoy Responsibly

Step 5 – Get code here

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