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Apache Spark Job Server – Getting Started Hello World

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Clone Ooyala’s Spark Job Server

$ git clone
$ cd spark-jobserver

Using SBT, publish it to your local repository and run it

$ sbt publish-local
$ sbt
> re-start

WordCountExample walk-through

First, to package the test jar containing the WordCountExample:

sbt job-server-tests/package

Then go ahead and start the job server using the instructions above.

Let’s upload the jar:

curl --data-binary @job-server-tests/target/job-server-tests-0.3.1.jar localhost:8090/jars/test

The above jar is uploaded as app test. Next, let’s start an ad-hoc word count job, meaning that the job server will create its own SparkContext, and return a job ID for subsequent querying:

curl -d "input.string = a b c a b see" 'localhost:8090/jobs?appName=test&classPath=spark.jobserver.WordCountExample'
  "status": "STARTED",
  "result": {
    "jobId": "5453779a-f004-45fc-a11d-a39dae0f9bf4",
    "context": "b7ea0eb5-spark.jobserver.WordCountExample"

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