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Joining firewall and geolocation log data with Apache Spark

val format = new java.text.SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd")
case class Register (d: java.util.Date, uuid: String, cust_id: String, lat: Float, lng: Float)
case class Click (d: java.util.Date, uuid: String, landing_page: Int)

val reg = sc.textFile("geoLocation.tsv").map(_.split("\t")).map(
 r => (r(1), Register(format.parse(r(0)), r(1), r(2), r(3).toFloat, r(4).toFloat))

val clk = sc.textFile("dnsEntry.tsv").map(_.split("\t")).map(
 c => (c(1), Click(format.parse(c(0)), c(1), c(2).trim.toInt))



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