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My first LIDAR data – human detected

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 5.00.25 PM

Cameras measure light reflected from an object into the camera. Images are typically in colour and display a visual image of the surrounding similar to what the human eye experiences.

Unlike LiDAR, Camera images do not measure distance in three dimensions. Cameras work in a number of controlled scenarios, but are ultimately unreliable as single data source. Camera data is typically directional, meaning it’s only into one direction compared with LiDAR sensors, which have full 360° coverage.

Cameras are easily blinded by oncoming light or don’t see anything in twilight or shadows. Cameras cannot distinguish important items at a distance, such as traffic signals. LiDAR sensor are independent from such environmental factors as the LiDAR sensor itself illuminates the objects while avoiding any environmental influences by means of spectral and temporal filtering.

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