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Pedestrian Detection

Is it possible to perform pedestrian detection/classification using only LIDAR-based features?

Click to access algorithms.pdf

Click to access isprs-archives-XLI-B1-563-2016.pdf

Click to access 43850.pdf

Click to access 2014_eccvw_ten_years_of_pedestrian_detection_with_supplementary_material.pdf

Click to access Zhang2014b.pdf

Click to access navarro_et_al_fsr_09.pdf

Click to access Exploiting%20LIDAR-based%20Features%20on%20Pedestrian%20Detection%20in%20Urban%20Scenarios.pdf

Click to access LIDAR%20and%20vision-based%20pedestrian%20detection%20system.pdf

Click to access iros2014.pdf

Click to access isprsannals-II-3-W4-103-2015.pdf

Click to access voxnet_maturana_scherer_iros15.pdf


Lane Detect

Click to access 15-jei-j.pdf


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