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Emergency Vehicle Alerting


Emergency Vehicle Alerting system that warns drivers when they are approaching an ambulance, fire engine, police or rescue squad using emergency lights.
A warning system for alerting the driver of a private vehicle that an emergency vehicle is approaching is disclosed. The system includes a receiver and a display panel mounted in the private vehicle, and at least two infrared receivers mounted on the private vehicle. The display panel mounted in the private vehicle including indicating devices that allow the driver of the private vehicle to know of the approaching emergency vehicle as well as the direction to move in order to yield the right of way to an approaching emergency vehicle.

Click to access 20082-detection-of-emergency-vehicles.pdf


Car accident detection – sounds of crashing

hydroplaning noise

Click to access Piczak2015-ESC-ConvNet.pdf

Detecting car part failures with sounds and deep learning

Click to access parascandolo-icassp2016.pdf

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