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Robotic Adversary

Real time collision detection

Deep Learning Satellite Images

Securing FPGA

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Self Driving Car Operating System

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TACC Traffic-Aware-Cruise-Control


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Traffic-Aware Cruise Control uses a camera

Mounted on the windshield behind the interior rear view mirror and a radar sensor in the
center of the front grill to detect whether there is a vehicle in front of you in the same
lane. If the area in front of car is clear, Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is designed to
drive consistently at a set speed.
When a vehicle is detected, Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is designed to slow down the car if
needed to maintain a selected time-based distance from the vehicle in front, up to the
set speed. Traffic-Aware Cruise Control does not eliminate the need to watch the road in
front of you and to apply the brakes if needed.
Traffic-Aware Cruise Control makes it easy to maintain a consistent time-based distance
from a vehicle travelling in front of you in the same lane. Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is
primarily intended for driving on dry, straight roads, such as highways and freeways. It
should not be used on city streets.


Optical Flow experiments