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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Geolocation script even works using surrounding WiFi BSSID’s – disregarded pairing over 3G

Mobile tracking device? What is the reliability of the results? Can you really “find” someone?

Used incorrectly:

The importance of context to data – IP Address vs Geolocate MAC Address

If this is my IP Address, where am I located?

According to the map, I’m in Texas!

We wrote a script to geolocate my Macbook Pro to the available WiFi, real location. Kinko’s in Vancouver BC routes all their Internet traffic via Texas.

IP Address tracking = FAIL.

WiFi MAC Address = WIN.

Get code here:

Using skLearn & iPython for predictive analytics, clustering and visualizations

d3.js visualization of tweets on top 32 words

The importance of cleaning your data – Word Cloud of 3000 Tweets

Here is a visualization of pure tweet dump visualized by Wordle

Visualization below with months, and days of the week removed. Mixed case dominates

Final version fully cleaned of dates, punctuation, and mixed case influences

It’s clear what I like to tweet about.  The bigger the word, the more it was tweeted.  I also decided to really preprocess the data with this script:

Data file:

iPython Notebook examples of YouTube, HTML and Networkx visualizations

Pandas iPython Notebook analysis of Palo Alto Firewall Logs

Traceroute python console visualization with Gephi

iPython Notebook, Networkx and