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Predicting deep into the future with segmentation

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Self driving car LIDAR and camera download

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Self Driving Car Operating System

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TACC Traffic-Aware-Cruise-Control


Traffic-Aware Cruise Control uses a camera

mounted on the windshield behind the interior
rear view mirror and a radar sensor in the
center of the front grill to detect whether
there is a vehicle in front of you in the same
lane. If the area in front of Model S is clear,
Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is designed to
drive consistently at a set speed. When a
vehicle is detected, Traffic-Aware Cruise
Control is designed to slow down Model S if
needed to maintain a selected time-based
distance from the vehicle in front, up to the
set speed. Traffic-Aware Cruise Control does
not eliminate the need to watch the road in
front of you and to apply the brakes if needed.
Traffic-Aware Cruise Control makes it easy to
maintain a consistent time-based distance
from a vehicle travelling in front of you in the
same lane. Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is
primarily intended for driving on dry, straight
roads, such as highways and freeways. It
should not be used on city streets

GOTURN tracking


Optical Flow experiments

Filtering noise with Kalman Filters

The workhorse of robotics is Kalman Filters


Training Neural Networks for classification using the Extended Kalman Filter: A comparative study (effen paywalled)