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Speed control for safety

Note: bouncy image needs vectors stabilized by estimating image-based ego-motion estimation. Then you can measure the speed of objects in the driving window. Horizontal based ego-motions are probably lane dumpers. This estimation could predict lane dumpers and should affect speed and enhanced by other sensors.

Click to access icpr16-johnny-9.pdf

Click to access ICRA_2015.pdf

Click to access Petrovskaya_2009_ICRA.pdf

  1. What is the distance to each of the objects
  2. What is the speed of the current trajectory?
  3. Optical flow for moving objects
  4. Remove bouncy image with prediction
  5. Filter stationary objects
  6. What objects are left to predict from?
  7. Calculate speed and directions of moving objects
  8. Which objects are travelling with me?
  9. What objects are travelling into my path?

Click to access 1409.7963.pdf

Click to access 112_Report.pdf

Click to access 1702.07600.pdf

Click to access dong_masc13.pdf

FlowNet: Learning Optical Flow with Convolutional Networks

Click to access 03_odometry.pdf

Click to access 1609.04653.pdf

Click to access vis%20odom%20tutor%20part1%20.pdf

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